Sunday, June 6, 2010

Homemade Weddings

So I've been looking at lots of wedding things. Raul and I still haven't set a date. But we know, we want a smaller, more intimate wedding. Something with our families and good friends. Maybe a nice backyard wedding. Or something at our friend's Ranch.

And I want homemade stuff. My parents are going to be buying my wedding dress. But beyond that, Raul and I are paying for our wedding. With a new house, and me still being in college, our budget is going to be tight. And have you seen the price of certain wedding items? Wow!

I've been searching for homemade ideas. And I've been picking Lola's brain for something fun! She has not disappointed! She sent me these pictures yesterday. I'm not sure where she found them, but I really like this ring pillow!

Being that the cheapest one I've found is $50 (and very ugly!), I'm looking at making one. This ring pillow is something I really love! It's homemade, but still gorgeous! Well, maybe I can ask Lola nicely and she'll crochet the doily for me. :) ~Kate the Great

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