Wednesday, September 30, 2009

People Watching

Do you ever "people watch?" I was doing that today. One of my classes was cancelled. I still had to go to my last class. So I had 2 hours to spare. I sat in the Student Union Building just watching people.

Everyone was so busy. Rushing around. People shoveling food in their mouths. I swear, 90% of those people don't even taste their food! They reminded me of ants. All in a rush. Moving around. All with their set paths. Not looking beyond their routes. Not looking left or right. Just busily going on their way!

Do you ever wonder if people just stop to breath? Or look around them? I do. I also wonder exactly where all these people are going. Now I know how someone can see you, and you don't notice them. But isn't that what people do? Get a schedule and a route. And just live by it.

Something about watching all these people, made me think. I want to start looking around. Noticing all those little things that I don't pay attention to. Because I am usually too busy to notice. Take some time, and enjoy the things around you! ~Kate the Great

Sunday, September 27, 2009

State Fair Time!

We went to the State Fair for the 2nd time this year! I was very excited! There is just something about going to the fair that makes me happy. Raul and I aren't into the rides or the midway. But we enjoy going to the rodeos and looking at the exhibits.

This time around, we went looking at all the exhibits. Raul is a wonderful boyfriend. He went through the entire Arts and Crafts Building with me. We compromised. He wanted to look at all the model airplanes and cars. I actually had fun looking at those. We also spent a long time looking through the Agriculture Building. And of course all the animals!

Raul bought me some yarn made from the sheep. They actually make it there! Some beautiful wool in a greyish-turquoise color. They shave the sheep, clean the wool, spin it, and dye it. All right there for you to watch! They also sell things made out of the wool. But I wanted the wool more than a new scarf! I just can't believe how expensive it was!

In that building, Raul had a lamb burger. I am yet to try one. They smell good, but I can't bring myself to actually trying it. I had a fresh strawberry milkshake, a regular cheeseburger, and some curly fries! We ate and watched the kids. They were in the middle of the Mutton Busting! That is so cute!

Before we left there, we bought some cotton candy. No lie, it was 4X's the size of my head! But it was so good. We also spent a lot of time with the animals. Looking at all the animals. Something I really enjoy! Raul and I even got to be in the duck race. My duck won! I got a free t-shirt and tote bag.

We spent the rest of the day looking around the exhibits. We bought stuff here and there. Lots of local jams, teas, and chili stuff! We shared corn on the cob, turkey legs, carmel apples, fried bread, and fresh berry sundaes. Raul bought me a new necklace. A pretty silver heart necklace with small coral stones. We listened to so much good music too!

Overall, it was such a nice day! I am very sad that today was the last day of the fair. We have to wait an entire year for it to return. How can I go that long without a turkey leg? Or fried bread? Or a piece of fresh apricot pie? ~Kate the Great

Thursday, September 24, 2009

So Mad!

I studied so much for a recent test. I practically lived in the library. I read the chapters 3-4 times each. Took notes. Made flash cards. The whole bit! But I prepared so much for this test.

Then we took it. It was a difficult test. But I was prepared. I finished my test with about 20 minutes to spare. I was feeling good. It was a tough test. But if you had studied for it, you would have done well. We got the grades back today. Actually, it took a while for my professor to grade our tests. Which was very strange. After he handed back the papers, and lectured us on our grades for 30 minutes, he dropped the test grade. Yup, the grades aren't going to count because everyone did so bad. I got an A. But the class average, over 4 classes, was a D.

I was not happy at all! Why did I studied so hard? Why did I bother to learn the material? Things like that really frustrate me! To the point that I wonder why we even get graded. He also let us out of class 20 minutes early. The entire day was wasted. Why did I bother going to the class? Shouldn't he have begun lecturing us on the new material? If the class is doing that bad, shouldn't he jump right in? ~Kate the Great

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Breaking Up

This may sound crazy, but I am breaking up. Not with Raul, but with Wal-Mart! I am tired of going there in a great mood and leaving in such a horrible mood.

Yesterday was the final straw for me! I went for some groceries. It wasn't the busiest time of day either. But I stood in line for 45 minutes. And only 1 person was checked out. In 45 minutes, 1 person! I couldn't believe it! There was only 1 register open too! With at least 12 people in line. I can't believe it! The entire time, the manager stood there talking to another cashier. Not a care in the world!

I finally got frustrated and left my basket. My ice cream had already melted and everything! I drove down the road to Albertson's. I actually saved money and bought more food! Isn't that crazy? I was in line, maybe 2 people were in front of me. And they opened another register to check me out. I was very impressed. More so when I looked through their weekly sale paper.

From now on, I am going to Albertson's for groceries. I will probably do the rest of my shopping at Target. There is one near the Hobby Lobby that I go to. To be honest, I am usually at Hobby Lobby once a week anyway. It is a 20-30 minute drive from our house. Depending on the traffic. But I would rather do that, and pay a few cents more, per item, to get decent service.

I just can't stand Wal-Mart anymore! Especially since they don't sell craft supplies any more. I'm sorry, but a quarter of an aisle of yarn, a half an aisle of scrap booking supplies, and an entire aisle of fake flowers is not a craft department!

I figure if there is anything else we need during the week, like soap, shampoo, or deodorant, we can go to Walgreen's. Which is next to Albertson's. I just can't believe how bad Wal-Mart has gotten. And how they just don't care either! It is so sad. I'm sad to break up with Wal-Mart, but it's for the best! ~Kate the Great

Friday, September 18, 2009

Brad Paisley Concert

Last night we went to the Brad Paisley concert! It was amazing! He is such a good live performer. Raul bought the tickets a few weeks ago. He surprised me with them one night after dinner. I was so excited. Much more so when I found out we had seats next to Josie and Daniel!

But it rained all day yesterday. The day was cold and grey. Not optimal for an outdoor concert. But I was hopeful. Actually, a lot of our friends went to the concert. It was very cool and exciting! Josie, Daniel, Raul, and I went to dinner before the concert. Yum! Quarters might be messy, but it is so good!

Then we made our way to the concert. Traffic was horrible. But what is new? Our city never properly plans ahead! I thought they would have for this venue, but they didn't! While we were stuck in traffic, it started to rain again! I was really beginning to get worried.

By the time we got to park, the rain had stopped. The weather was nice and cool. But not cold. We made it to our seats about 10 minutes before the show began. We had some amazing seats! The concert was truly spectacular! Brad is one of the best live performers out there! We sang and danced the night away. I am so glad that we got to share this together. It was a really fun time for all of us! ~Kate the Great

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Tough Day

Today was a very tough day. School is really starting to take it's toll on me. I am starting to think that I am taking too many hours. Maybe I am in the wrong field. But today was so tough. At one point, I just went and sat at the Duck Pond. I am very glad that our campus has one!

There is something very calming about sitting there and watching the ducks. There were these baby ducklings following their mama. It was just too cute! The mama duck was very good and nurturing. I am glad that I sat there and watched them. It helped to take my mind off of my troubles.

At one point today, I was near tears. But those beautiful ducks just helped me to relax. I think the rudeness of my fellow students and the fact that my professors refer to me by a number and not a name, that just pushed me very close to the edge. It had been a tough day, those things just made it tougher. But God sends us little things to help us through those hard times. We just have to be smart enough to open our eyes and hearts to embrace their beauty. ~Kate the Great

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sewing Machine Problems

My sewing machine doesn't want to work. I don't know what is wrong with it. I am so sad! And slightly mad!

I cut out an apron earlier. The cutest thing ever! I also have some bags that are ready to be sewn. But the tension on my sewing machine is wrong. I have tried for hours to fix it. But I am not that skilled on the situation.

Raul even tried to help me. He is skilled in things like this. Not sewing machines exactly. But he likes to take things apart and see what is wrong with them. It didn't help. The thread isn't all bunching up on the backside anymore. But it still isn't right.

I decided to take it to the SINGER shop here. I hope they can fix it. It is not an expensive sewing machine. But it is the only one I have! If it is going to cost too much to fix, I might just wait and buy one during one of Target's sales. From time to time, they sell pretty good sewing machines for $100-$200. Not too bad. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed though! ~Kate the Great

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Makeup Fun at Walgreen's

OK, I wasn't going to post this until tomorrow. But Raul is playing his Xbox. And I am not going to get any sleep until he comes to bed. He gets a little into it! So here is Josie and I's makeup shopping at Walgreen's!!!

Josie and I met for dinner tonight. We decided that we would go to Panda Express. I was really wanting some noodles! After we ate, we debated where we were going to go shopping. We really didn't want to go to Wal-Mart to pick up a couple of cards. Instead, we went to Walgreen's. My big sis wanted to look at some makeup while we were there. I think L'Oreal was having a sale. But don't quote me on that.

Instead, Josie and I got lost in the makeup aisle! We sat and looked at so many products!!! Things that people have been recommending to us. Well, after almost an hour and a half, I settled on 5 products. Jos also had a handful of makeup!

First up, I bought 3 Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascaras. Because they are discontinuing the brand after New Years. But I am already having trouble finding them in the stores! This is my all time favorite mascara. I don't know what I am going to do when I can't find it anymore!

Next, I bought a CoverGirl Wetslick in Watermelon. I have a few of these. But I had never seen the watermelon before. I liked the color. And the smell reminded me of summer. I like watermelon!

I also bought a CoverGirl eyeshadow quad in Drama Eyes. I have heard a lot of good things about this. Lola was showing me how to do a smokey eye with this the last time I seen her! I just had to buy it when I saw it. Maybe I can recreate the look too!

Next I found this Almay Intense i-Color for Hazel eyes. I have been wanting to try this for a while. I am not good with eyeliner, so I didn't bother with that. And I already have a favorite mascara. So I just bought the eyeshadow. The colors are really pretty and neutral.

Lastly, I bought a Neutrogena blush in Fresh. Jos has this. I want to say it is the only blush that she uses. And I like the way she looks with it on. It just gives her a very natural look.

That was my part of the makeup shopping. Maybe Jos will post a blog on the stuff she bought. But I am excited about our little impromptu shopping spree! I picked up some things that I have been wanting to try out. I am lucky to have a sister like Jos. Who is patient with me. And answers all my makeup questions, no matter how dumb they must sound! ~Kate the Great

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy with Cuomo!

I have to say, I am very happy with Chris Cuomo this week. His reporting is GREAT!!!

Last night, I watched the interview with Jon Gosselin. I happen to be on Team Jon. I have watched Jon and Kate +8 since the special they did. Kate always made me mad the way she treated him. I would like to see another woman yell at her husband, the way she used to yell at him. And then just take it like he did, for all those years. You are not going to find one. Jon is a good man. Even with a few remarks that I didn't agree with. I give Cuomo a lot of credit for bringing them up to Jon. And how they would effect the kids. I think this story just helped to tell his side of the story.

Tonight, Cuomo did a special on the Juvenile Detention System. I thought that story was something that needed to be shared. It was a sad story. In terms of the way those kids grew up, and the things they were going through. But it was also a hopeful story because of the program they were in. I am glad they did this story!

Chris Cuomo great job this week! I like to watch stories that impact people's lives. And the story on the Juvenile Detention program really did shine a new light on the situation. I am just glad that I tuned in this week. ~Kate the Great

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School and Crafting

School makes me sad and mad sometimes. Like when I want to craft. But I have to study for hours instead! Or when I study and study. And by the time I get to my crafting, my eyes are just too tired to even consider sewing or crocheting! I need to figure out a better schedule. There is just too much business class and not enough feeling of fabric and yarn! I really need a better schedule! Because I am getting grumpy without my crafting. Even Josie noticed it the other day! ~Kate the Great

Friday, September 4, 2009

Mad at Wal-Mart

I am one of those people who grew up on Wal-Mart. There was one not too far from where we lived. I was a Wal-Mart kid. I didn't know of any other store, besides the mall, until I was in middle school. And that was OK with me. My grandma would take me and Josie to Wal-Mart to pick out craft supplies. At least 2 times a week we were in the big blue store.

My other grandma lived in a small town. And when we would go visit her, we would go shopping at TG&Y. Another favorite place. They had piles of fabric that grandma would let us pick from. We could easily spend the entire day picking fabrics and patterns. Then we would go to her house. And she would make us clothes. Then in the early 90s. It closed. Because Wal-Mart had moved into their small town. It wasn't the same. But what could you do?

I noticed in the mid 90s, so many local shops were closing. Wal-Mart just started to take over the city. There was one every couple of miles. And those small stores that had once carried fun craft supplies, they were closing. Like Old America, TG&Y, etc. But we were OK. Wal-Mart was carrying lots of craft supplies. And for a lot cheapier!

Until about 2 years ago. Wal-Mart started to slowly close the craft departments. I thought it was strange when a Wal-Mart opened up down the road from my parents' house. And then months later, it began remodeling. What were they doing? Getting rid of the craft department! I don't know exactly how many Wal-Marts we have in town. But it is somewhere in the double digits. Today, we have 1 that has a craft department. And it is barely staying open! We have 3 small towns that are within 20 miles, all of their craft departments are now closed too!

Does Wal-Mart not realize that many people, go to their store to do 1 stop shopping? Without the craft department, what is the point? There is an Albertson's closer to our house than Wal-Mart. You can get pretty much everything you need there, and for a lot cheapier! Then if I want to buy something to wear or for my house, I just go to Target. It is kind of a drive, but I would rather drive the 20-30 minutes to get a better quality item. And friendlier service! Not to mention, I like the cleanliness of Target.

Another thing, Target has their snack bar. It is nice to go there and get something to munch on while you are shopping. Or to stop into the Starbucks in the store. What does Wal-Mart have? McDonald's. Sorry not one of my top choices. I used to like their little snack bars. Even the Blimpie Shops. But not McDonald's. As to Target, I find myself going there sometimes just to eat a hotdog or to buy some popcorn.

I think Wal-Mart has lost the way. I noticed the other day, the store was not busy. I had to stop in real quick to pick up some potting soil. There were still lines, because Wal-Mart cannot be bothered to open more than 2 registers at a time! But the lines weren't long. I actually got a front parking space too! And it was on a Friday evening. I think Wal-Mart execs don't realize who does the shopping for a family.

Yes, the man probably goes in to buy electronics from time to time. But honestly, a person can only use so many TVs or cellphones. But the woman is the one shopping for groceries. I for one, would go in to buy milk, and would walk out with $50 worth of fabric that I didn't need. But I saw it, and bought it. I just think it is sad for those people who live in small communities. Now they are left with no fabric stores. Maybe we can all petition for Target to open up Fabric and Craft departments. The Super Targets are big enough. And there is a demand for these things. If only people would only listen!

I think it is crazy that Wal-Mart sells sewing machines, but no fabric, thread, or patterns. Why are people going to buy your machines if you have nothing else? In case the Wal-Mart execs haven't noticed, crafts are on the rise during the recession. I see so many people crocheting, sewing, etc. now! Perhaps I am one of the few that pay attention to the things around me. But a trip to Wal-Mart is no longer worth the hassle and headache without the fabric and notions! ~Kate the Great

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Josie and My Unfinished Crafts

My sister Josie had her birthday almost a month ago!!! And her gifts are still not done. I don't know what my problem is lately. But things are not getting finished up around here. Raul went through 3 boxes of my unfinished projects last night. Trying to help me find some fabric that I know I have. I just can't find it. Jos is good about all of this. She knows that she will get her gifts. It's not that I forgot about her, I just. Well, I don't know what happened. But I did make her dinner for her birthday. And I bought her some new makeup that she wanted. If I could just get these little bags and her blanket done. I would be very happy! ~Kate the Great

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Getting Started

Have you ever spent an entire day surfing the net? Looking at crafty sites? And crafty blogs? I have. Many, many, many times! Probably more than I should tell you. There should be some kind of Crafters Anonymous Club that I could join! But I decided that the day has come for me to start my own little crafty corner on the web. I will also post more personal blogs along the way. You just have to stay tuned to more fun with Kate the Great! You never know what you are going to find here! ~Kate the Great