Sunday, May 30, 2010


My sister and I are both engaged. We actually got engaged on the same day! We've got some pretty amazing guys. :) And we're both in college still. Our parents are buying each of our wedding dresses. My sissy is probably going to get married next Spring. Raul and I are looking at the following Fall or Spring.

Since money is tight all around, we're trying to find ways to have nice weddings, but not break the bank. Oh, and both couples...we've purchased homes in the last 6 months. For the 4 of us, that's more important. Having a place to live and one day, grow our families.

I was searching through Free Crochet, and I found these 2 patterns. For garters. Lola had told me about them. And even offered to make both Josie and I one. Now to pick one...

Josie picked the top one. But in a powder blue. You know, for a "Something Blue." I'm leaning towards the bottom one. In blue too! But with no flowers and some more delicate ribbon. It's amazing when you have friends that want to help you out! Thanks Lola!!! ~Kate the Great

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