Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy with Cuomo!

I have to say, I am very happy with Chris Cuomo this week. His reporting is GREAT!!!

Last night, I watched the interview with Jon Gosselin. I happen to be on Team Jon. I have watched Jon and Kate +8 since the special they did. Kate always made me mad the way she treated him. I would like to see another woman yell at her husband, the way she used to yell at him. And then just take it like he did, for all those years. You are not going to find one. Jon is a good man. Even with a few remarks that I didn't agree with. I give Cuomo a lot of credit for bringing them up to Jon. And how they would effect the kids. I think this story just helped to tell his side of the story.

Tonight, Cuomo did a special on the Juvenile Detention System. I thought that story was something that needed to be shared. It was a sad story. In terms of the way those kids grew up, and the things they were going through. But it was also a hopeful story because of the program they were in. I am glad they did this story!

Chris Cuomo great job this week! I like to watch stories that impact people's lives. And the story on the Juvenile Detention program really did shine a new light on the situation. I am just glad that I tuned in this week. ~Kate the Great

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