Thursday, September 24, 2009

So Mad!

I studied so much for a recent test. I practically lived in the library. I read the chapters 3-4 times each. Took notes. Made flash cards. The whole bit! But I prepared so much for this test.

Then we took it. It was a difficult test. But I was prepared. I finished my test with about 20 minutes to spare. I was feeling good. It was a tough test. But if you had studied for it, you would have done well. We got the grades back today. Actually, it took a while for my professor to grade our tests. Which was very strange. After he handed back the papers, and lectured us on our grades for 30 minutes, he dropped the test grade. Yup, the grades aren't going to count because everyone did so bad. I got an A. But the class average, over 4 classes, was a D.

I was not happy at all! Why did I studied so hard? Why did I bother to learn the material? Things like that really frustrate me! To the point that I wonder why we even get graded. He also let us out of class 20 minutes early. The entire day was wasted. Why did I bother going to the class? Shouldn't he have begun lecturing us on the new material? If the class is doing that bad, shouldn't he jump right in? ~Kate the Great

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